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Frozen Food Vending Machines

Two Machines in One High Capacity Cabinet With a Small Footprint

This Frozen Food vending machine is for a combination refrigerated & frozen food. Our new high capacity stand alone cold and frozen food machine that fits through a 32″ doorway from the leading vending machine manufacturer.

Cashless Options

We also offer either PayRange or CoinCo Iris Reader payment options for most of our machines. This means people do not need to carry cash, they can pay via the PayRange App (available for Apple and Android) or with a credit card.

Energy Efficient

Our new machines are Energy Star rated and used LED lights.


Most of the machines in the Superior Vending lineup are now remotely monitored.

This means we will know what is running low before you have to call us. We are also able to run reports on the best selling products and perhaps switch out a slower moving product with another product or perhaps adding a second row of a popular product.

Frozen Food Vending Regina Saskatoon

Frozen Food Vending Machines

With the new cold and frozen vending machine, a large selection of both chilled and frozen foods can be dispensed at the perfect temperature.

This large frozen and cold vending machine is ideal for sandwiches, ice creams and frozen treats. It is a high capacity vending machine that can contain up to 540 items. We also offer a combination satellite model that can distribute both refrigerated and frozen foods. These high capacity models come with a very small footprint.

At only 22″ wide, the patent pending refrigerator and frozen food vending machine is an excellent all-in-one option that can be converted to either fully refrigerated or fully frozen.

Optional Tray

We also have a 6 tray machine with optional Gum & Mint Tray.

Now the machine can dispense:

  • blister packs of Gum
  • Rolled Mints
  • Cough Drops
  • Energy Shots