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Our Response

Superior Vending continues to operate with a skeleton staff to ensure our customers have uninterrupted access to food and drink through the vending machines on your premises.

Safety precautions and protocols have been implemented.

All vendors are remotely monitored. If your vendors are low we know what to bring and in what quantities.

The product is picked in our warehouse by one individual who has followed precautionary guidelines:

  • use of hand sanitizer
  • specific product packed for specific locations
  • Our warehouse shelves have been cleaned and wiped down with a commercial sanitizer.

Prior to entering your facility our driver will:

  • don gloves and a mask.
  • He will fill the vendor and, when completed, wipe down the machines with an antibacterial solution.

Upon exiting the building he will discard the gloves and apply a hand sanitizer.

We understand that some customers prefer to not have suppliers entering their premises. If that is the case please let us know and we will not schedule any service.

Call 306-527-8779

To schedule a service request.

The driver will show up at the appointed time with the product. He can be escorted through your premises if you wish to ensure he follows your protocols.

We will work through this challenge together keeping the safety and health of our employees and customers foremost.

Thank you

Superior Vending Ltd.

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With Superior Vending, you can have both Coke or Pepsi products in the same machine. You can choose from all of your favourites, in cans or plastic bottles. We also offer juices, iced tea, bottled water, and sport drinks, chilled and refreshing. Cold refreshing drinks at your fingertips without having to leave the office.

Frozen Food Vending Machines Regina Saskatoon


Now you can offer your staff some frozen foods and treats. From Michelina’s meals, Pizza’s, Pizza Pops, Hot Pockets, Pop Tarts and Ice Cream treats. If your staff room has a microwave, toaster oven or toaster. You may want to upgrade to these new frozen food vending machines.


In partnership with Commercial Beverage Ltd, we can get you hooked up with some great-tasting, fresh-brewed coffee. Various machine sizes are available to accommodate all locations. No more waiting in line in your car, come straight to work for hot, fresh coffee.


We provide snacks from all major manufacturers: Frito-Lay, Old Dutch, and Nalley potato chips; Hershey, Cadbury, Nestlé, and Effem chocolate bars, among others. We can also provide cookies, puffed wheat and crispy rice squares, cereal bars, and pastries. Other machines can be filled with Fudgsicles and other ice cream treats.

ATM Machines Regina Saskatoon


Ever gazed into a vending machine, hungry or thirsty but with no cash? We can help you. We have the technology. Automated Teller Machines are now available to be placed in select locations.

Bill Changing Machine Regina Saskatoon


Once you get a bill out of the Superior Vending ATM, our bill changers can make change that slides nicely into a vending machine. And then you get delicious treats, and then you’re happy. And your happiness makes us happy.

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