Superior Vending Ltd. Regina.

Welcome to the online home of Superior Vending, Saskatchewan’s largest independent, full-service vending company.

It seems like just yesterday that our new kitchen was completed – it’s proven to be such a hit that we’ve already expanded! Our health-district-inspected and approved kitchen lets us provide delicious fresh food for Superior Vending machines and Lunchbox trucks. We’re pleased to provide a new breakfast and lunch catering menu with special rates for Superior Vending and Lunchbox customers!


Soda-Pop Vending Machine Services in Regina


With Superior Vending, you can have both Coke or Pepsi products in the same machine. You can choose from all of your favourites, in 355 ml cans or 600 ml plastic bottles. We also offer juices, iced tea, bottled water, and sport drinks, chilled and refreshing. Cold refreshing drinks at your fingertips without having to leave the office.

Coffee vending machines in Regina


In partnership with Commercial Beverage Ltd, we can get you hooked up with some great-tasting, fresh-brewed coffee. Various machine sizes are available to accommodate all locations. No more waiting in line in your car, come straight to work for hot, fresh coffee.

ATM Bank Machines in Regina


Ever gazed into a vending machine, hungry or thirsty but with no cash? We can help you. We have the technology. Automated Teller Machines are now available to be placed in select locations.

Snack vending machines in Regina


We provide snacks from all major manufacturers: Frito-Lay, Old Dutch, and Nalley potato chips; Hershey, Cadbury, Nestlé, and Effem chocolate bars, among others. We can also provide cookies, puffed wheat and crispy rice squares, cereal bars, and pastries. Other machines can be filled with Fudgsicles and other ice cream treats.

Fresh Food Vending Machines in Regina


We supply fresh foods prepared by our very own health-district approved kitchen. Among the many choices: delicious dinners, salads, sandwiches, pastries, packaged meals, muffins, soups, and dairy products. Eating healthier made easy.

Bill-Coing Change Machines in Regina


Once you get a bill out of the Superior Vending ATM, our bill changers can make change that slides nicely into a vending machine. And then you get delicious treats, and then you’re happy. And your happiness makes us happy.